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It has come to our attention that the HMRC are critically reviewing Claims made under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”) whereby employers received funding to help pay furloughed staff members.

If an employer is discovered to have made an excessive claim, HMRC will seek to recover the money over-claimed and may seek to apply a penalty.

The penalty amount can vary and generally an unprompted disclosure will deliver a better outcome.

How Can We Help?

Firstly, we can review any claim made. The rules around the claim are complex in some areas and it may well be the case that you do not know that the claim is incorrect. We can make assessments of the position and recommendations thereon.

Secondly, we can support you through a process of disclosure to correct any errors or support you if you are already subject to an HMRC review. We are experienced in all forms of HMRC processes and understand the best ways to deliver a positive outcome.

Finally, our professional fee insurance provider has confirmed that a CJRS claim review by HMRC would be covered by their policy and as such, if you took professional fee insurance, you could appoint Hentons to deal with the entire process and the insurer would pay us to act on your behalf, exclusion apply for cases of fraud or tax avoidance.

Here to help

So, if you are either interested in having a claim reviewed, making a disclosure to HMRC or taking Fee Insurance, please contact Simon Roberts or Greg Langley who will be happy to discuss how to proceed. 

We hope you found this useful.